Twitter Clutter

When Twitter first came out my reaction was ‘I get it. I also don’t get it.’ You got 140 characters to say something. People are going to follow you are not. Simple as that. They want to hear what you got to say. These people can be the most random individuals you will never ever meet (granted they are real to begin with). But it was the newest social media tool to be on at the time. So, yeah I created an account or two and began tweeting away.

Thoughts On The New MacBook Pro 2016

On Oct 27th Apple announced their new MacBook Pro’s. People of the internet responded, well, in a disappointed and underwhelming way. Some even went as far as saying Tim Cook should step down as CEO of Apple. I, being an Apple user myself, was a bit disappointed but I was in no way¬†wanting anyone’s head over the announcement. I definitely was expecting more from their top-tier laptops. Instead we got ‘meh’ and dongles.

Let’s see what people are upset about.