MailChimp Sent 1.5 Billion Emails on Black Friday

MailChimp just posted how they sent 1.5 billion emails through their system on Black Friday. It was followed on Cyber Monday with 1.4 billion emails. You can read more about here:

Those are pretty impressive numbers!

Generating an XML File in Apex

I recently had the task to create some XML files based on object data and create an attachment. I’ve created XML files before in say Ruby and PHP but not in Apex. This was new to me and in the end was an easier task than I thought it would be.

First let’s create an objective. We want to create an XML file that has the following format:

1  <?XML encoding="utf-8" version="1.0" ?>
2  <catalog>
3   <product id="bk101">
4      <author>Mix Master Mike</author>
5      <title>XML In Apex</title>
6      <genre>Salesforce</genre>
7      <price>1444.95</price>
8      <publish_date>20016-12-10</publish_date>
9      <description>An in-depth look at creating applications with XML.</description>
10   </product>
11 </catalog>

This seems simple enough.

Field History Related List Missing in Lightning

Field History Tracking is a very useful tool to use on an object. This is especially great if you have many users updating the same record and you want/need to know who, when they made they made, what changes they made. The result of enabling Field History Tracking is a related list on the object that shows this information.

But only in the Salesforce Classic.

Tips on Effective Email Subject Lines

The subject line of an email is important. When an email hits the inbox the from address and the subject line really determines if the individual is going to open the mailer. If the subject line looks suspicious the mailer may get deleted or marked as SPAM. Here are some things not to do.

What Is SPF


SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. Pretty much it is a basic form of email validation that can be done to check on incoming mail. To understand this a little bit better let us identify some email basics.

Thoughts On The New MacBook Pro 2016

On Oct 27th Apple announced their new MacBook Pro’s. People of the internet responded, well, in a disappointed and underwhelming way. Some even went as far as saying Tim Cook should step down as CEO of Apple. I, being an Apple user myself, was a bit disappointed but I was in no way wanting anyone’s head over the announcement. I definitely was expecting more from their top-tier laptops. Instead we got ‘meh’ and dongles.

Let’s see what people are upset about.

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