We are into a new year. 2017. Boom! And so far it’s going ok.

Like everyone else I make New Year’s resolutions. This year though I am making mine more career oriented. Every year they usually are but this year I really plan to amp it up and be more focused. I really want to bring things to the next level. So, here are my resolutions for 2017:

  • Become Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
    • I am currently DEV401 certified. In 2018 the certification is going away. I plan on taking the transition exam to be Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder.
  • Become Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant
    • I want to get another certification. I have been working a great deal with Salesforce Communities for the past couple of years. It seems logical to attempt this certification as I feel strongly that it will just continue to grow.
  • Spend 3-5 days a week on Trailhead
    • Trailhead is a great resource for learning all things Salesforce. I have spent some time on the site on personal learning but not enough. This year I really plan on going though as many learning trails as possible.
  • Read more books
    • I bought a Kindle Voyage recently because I felt I was not reading enough. I wish to read more books in 2017. It will vary between fiction and technical books. Get your read on!
  • Blog more
    • One of the main reasons for me blogging is to build my communication skills. At the same time I find I am more engaged with the topics I am writing about. In 2017 I would like to blog more here and build my Salesforce knowledge.

Those are my career resolutions. It’s mainly Salesforce oriented but that’s ok. That’s the space I work in and enjoy quite a bit.

Some general resolutions:

  • Get to 170 pounds
    • In 2016 I lost at most 20 pounds. But during the holidays I gained 9 pounds. Too much food. Not enough running. So, in 2017 I plan on going hardcore low carb diet with a healthy dose of running and weights.
  • Game less
    • Video games is a great way to whine down a day. Overwatch is my game. But I think I could use that hour or two doing something a bit more productive.
  • Eat less fried foods
    • Grilled meats for me please!

Well, Happy New Year’s! Enjoy 2017 everyone!